- Highest purity AML 0-10%
- Reliability and simplicity
- Fee from 1.5% + 0.0007 BTC
- Limits from 0.003 to 50 BTC

What is Kazna.io?

Kazna is a unique service that offers the opportunity to mix cryptocurrencies to ensure transaction anonymity. In the world of cryptocurrency, where privacy and security are paramount, Kazna Cryptomixer stands out as an important innovative solution.

The main idea of Kazna Cryptomixer is to allow users to mix their cryptocurrency assets with the assets of other users, major European and African cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as their own mining farms. This process makes transactions more anonymous and untraceable to outside observers.

An important feature of Kazna is its ease of use. Users can easily and quickly mix their cryptocurrencies using an intuitive interface and navigation. This makes Kazna accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their level of experience in the cryptocurrency field.

We do not work with funds obtained through criminal means in USA and Europe. We also do not accept funds associated with terrorism, extortion, or other illegal activities.


New algorithm v.3.0

Mixing technology version 3.0 is an advanced system developed to ensure privacy and anonymity in the world of cryptocurrency transactions.

Complete Anonymity

We do not keep logs. All necessary information for processing transactions is deleted immediately after completion of work and confirmation of the transaction, or after the expiration of the address's lifespan for unfulfilled requests. No registrations.


Our system is fully automated, and we are ready to provide service at any time of day. We guarantee continuous support to our clients and prompt response to any issues that may arise.

Guarantee Letters

We provide digitally signed guarantee letters that confirm our full commitment to you. We kindly ask you to keep these letters as they provide additional confirmation in case of disputes.


1. What is Bitcoin Mixer Kazna? 3.0?

Bitcoin Mixer Kazna is a service designed to enhance the privacy and security of Bitcoin transactions by providing a mixing or tumbling service. This service allows users to mix their bitcoins with those of other users in order to obscure the transaction trail and increase anonymity. By breaking the link between the sender and receiver addresses, Kazna helps to enhance privacy and prevent tracking of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

2. Can I trust you with my money?

We offer protection against accidental errors or intentional actions to all our clients - all incoming orders are accompanied by warranty letters signed with PGP keys.

3. How long does the Bitcoin cleaning process take?

The anonymization process takes up to 6 hours after receiving the first confirmation of the incoming transaction from the client. To prevent advanced temporal analysis of your transactions on the blockchain, we set a random time for returning bitcoins. As a result, the mixing time may vary from 1 to 6 hours to increase the level of anonymity. Moreover, our clients receive cleaned funds in multiple parts.

4. How many confirmations are required for a transfer to be accepted?

We consider the transfer accepted after receiving 1 confirmation.

5. What is the minimum amount of funds required for cleaning?

0.003 BTC

6. What is the maximum amount of funds that can be cleaned?

50 BTC per single request. This limitation is due to the fact that a large volume in a single transaction is easier to de-anonymize using blockchain volume analysis methods. The mixer allows for multiple cleaning requests to be made.

7. What will happen if I send less money than required?

Smaller transactions will be treated as donations, as their execution does not make business sense, and the Bitcoin network fee may be higher than the amount being transferred. However, if you have sent such an amount by mistake, please contact our support team, and we will provide options for your specific case.

8. What is the transaction fee?

The size of the commission fee is dynamic and can be up to 4% + 0.0007 BTC, which is a good offer for this level of anonymity."

9. What types of logs are stored in the system?

We do not store logs, and all necessary information for processing transactions is deleted immediately after completion of work and confirmation of the transaction, or upon expiration of the address lifespan for unprocessed requests. The only evidence of our work is our warranty letter, which we provide for you.

10. What is a warranty letter?

When we provide you with a Bitcoin address for sending coins for mixing, we also provide digital confirmation that this address was indeed generated by our server. For your peace of mind, we always attach a PGP signature to this letter. You can verify this signature using our open key. The warranty letter is the only document confirming our commitments. Please save it before sending the coins.

11. How can I verify the warranty letter?

To verify the warranty letter, install a PGP client (for example, PGP4Win), import open key from the website into the installed client and perform the warranty letter verification.

12. How long do addresses remain valid for coin transfers?

Addresses for coin transfers remain valid for 7 days from the moment of their creation. This period was chosen not by chance. If any issues arise with transactions on the network or errors occur on the sender's side, such a period is sufficient to resolve all arising problems and delays, thereby ensuring the protection of our clients' assets.

13. My browser closed before I could get confirmation of my transaction.

Don't worry, everything is fine, the system works automatically, and you will definitely receive your money. To track confirmations, you can use any Bitcoin block explorer, such as blockchain.info. Just enter the address information from the warranty letter there and track the transactions yourself.


How Cryptoboss and Kazna.io are becoming a new phenomenon in the world of cryptocurrencies

In the world of cryptocurrencies, new opportunities are emerging that are changing the perception and use of digital assets. Among these innovators are Cryptoboss and Kazna.io - two projects that provide security, convenience, and confidentiality for users. Let's explore how these two projects are connected and how they are shaping the world of cryptocurrency technologies.

Cryptoboss: revolutionizing the world of crypto casinos
Cryptoboss is a cryptocurrency casino that offers a wide range of games and the opportunity to play using various cryptocurrencies. This project attracts the attention of crypto gamblers due to its simplicity, security, and anonymity. Users can enjoy gambling without worrying about their privacy, as all transactions are conducted using cryptocurrency.

Kazna.io: Innovative Cryptomixer for Private Transactions
Kazna.io is a cryptocurrency mixing service that provides users with the ability to increase the level of confidentiality and security of their transactions. This Cryptomixer utilizes advanced technologies to mix bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, making transactions practically untraceable. Thanks to Kazna.io, users can protect their financial data and ensure the anonymity of their cryptocurrency operations.

How are they connected?
Cryptoboss and Kazna.io are connected in that both projects are aimed at providing security and anonymity for users. Cryptoboss users can use Kazna.io to mix their cryptocurrency funds to ensure the anonymity of their transactions in the crypto casino. Thus, these two projects together provide users with a full range of services for safe and confidential cryptocurrency use.
Cryptoboss and Kazna.io are two innovative projects that are changing the perception of cryptocurrency technologies. Cryptoboss opens up new opportunities for gambling enthusiasts, while Kazna.io provides security and anonymity for users who value their privacy. Together, they provide a full range of services for safe and convenient use of cryptocurrency assets.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency - is a digital currency built on blockchain technology that provides secure, fast, and anonymous financial transactions. These coins use cryptography to ensure security and digital signatures to verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as an investment tool and means of exchange in the world of cryptocurrency.

What is a Bitcoin Mixer?

A Bitcoin mixer is an online service that provides the ability to mix bitcoins to enhance the privacy and anonymity of transactions. This tool allows users to mix their bitcoins with bitcoins from other users, making their transactions more difficult to trace. Bitcoin mixers ensure the security and confidentiality of financial transactions, protecting users' personal data and providing anonymity on the blockchain network.

How to Find the Top Bitcoin Mixers?

To find the top Bitcoin mixers, you can refer to various sources of information, such as:
Cryptocurrency forums and communities: On popular forums like Bitcointalk or Reddit, you can find discussions and ratings of various Bitcoin mixers from experienced users.
Online resources and blogs: Many blogs and websites dedicated to cryptocurrencies and finance compile lists of top Bitcoin mixers based on various criteria such as reliability, anonymity, and transaction processing speed.
Rating platforms: There are specialized websites and platforms that gather and analyze user reviews of Bitcoin mixers, compiling ratings based on their reputation and the quality of services provided. For example, you can check the Bitcoin mixer ratings on Bestcryptomixer.com.
Social networks: Some cryptocurrency communities and groups on social networks may also discuss and recommend top Bitcoin mixers.
When choosing a Bitcoin mixer, it is important to consider the reputation, reliability, and security of the service, as well as to check the reviews and ratings from other users.

What are Bitcoin Mixers in the Darknet?

Bitcoin mixers in the darknet are specialized services that provide the ability to mix bitcoins to enhance user anonymity. They are used to ensure the confidentiality of financial transactions and protect personal information from tracking. These mixers operate based on blockchain technology and cryptography, ensuring secure mixing of funds between different users.
Advantages of Using Bitcoin Mixers in the Darknet
Anonymity: Bitcoin mixers in the darknet provide a high level of anonymity, making transactions virtually untraceable.
Security: Users can be assured of the security of their financial transactions, as their personal data is protected from third-party access.
Ease of Use: Many bitcoin mixers in the darknet provide simple and intuitive interfaces, making the process of mixing cryptocurrency funds fast and convenient.

How to Choose a Good Bitcoin Mixer?

Choosing a good bitcoin mixer can be critically important to ensure the security and anonymity of your cryptocurrency transactions. Here are several characteristics to consider when choosing a good bitcoin mixer:
Security: Ensure that the selected mixer provides a high level of security for your funds and personal data. This includes using modern encryption methods and protection against hacking.
Anonymity: A good bitcoin mixer should provide a high level of anonymity for your transactions, making them virtually untraceable.
Transparency: Choose a mixer that provides clear and transparent information about its operations and the bitcoin mixing process. This will allow you to be confident in the fairness and reliability of the service.
Processing Speed: A good mixer should process your transactions quickly so you can promptly protect your financial assets.
Reputation: Review reviews and ratings from other users to assess the reputation of the mixer. This will help you choose a reliable and trusted service.